On the 18th and 19th of May, the Euronovate Group team had a unique two-day kick-off experience in Verona to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company.

But… What happened?

18th May

Arriving in Verona, from several parts of Italy, Euronovate Group employees finally met, some of them for the first time in person. They were divided into 5 teams, participating in an orienteering match across the city. 

Each group had to find several places spread all around the centre, and once found them participating in funny challenges that ended up with a lot of laughs and smiles.
Teams considered the challenge in different ways: some with competitiveness, others in a more relaxed way, both having a fantastic experience, supporting each other towards a shared goal, understanding their limits and overcoming them cooperatively. 

Kick-off Euronovate Group

And at night…. time to celebrate!

After an elegant dinner which saw everyone suited up, the team enjoyed the night dancing and singing: the bravest went to sleep late, without minding the early alarm of the following day.

Kick-off Euronovate Group

19th May

After an enjoyable day of challenges and entertainment on Thursday, the group had the opportunity to think about Euronovate Group organisation, internal dynamics and relationships among colleagues and departments. 

This deep dive has been essential for understanding the team's weaknesses and strengths during daily activities, highlighting the importance to have a synergetic communication, defining shared objectives and being part of the company with a sense of unity that has to be felt by each one of the employees. 

Other important points that were considered were the importance of trust within the group, and the spirit of enjoyment, proactivity and dynamicist that has to be present in the office to accept all the challenges with positivity.

During the shared activity the team had moments to discuss and share different points of view and opinions, with the common purpose of improving the working environment through the commitment of each one, every day. 

Kick-off Euronovate Group

The outcome of this experience was a real success!

The team left with a renovated consciousness that working together isn’t easy, but with a little and constant effort from each one the improvement will arrive soon, creating a collaborative environment heading to new challenging achievements!


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