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Customers seek digital experiences from their service providers. As one of them, the telecommunication industry has to shape the most frictionless, fast and easy process for finalizing contracts and new policies.

Often, the sales experience appears frustrating and inconclusive for telco customers which have to deal with a lot of paperwork and filling forms to finalize an operation. By implementing digital solutions for onboarding, clients will be identified quickly, efficiently and securely, approving contracts, policies and bills remotely or in branch through electronic signatures. All this will lead to a better customer experience and a consequent clients fidelization and loyal subscriber base.


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Onboarding customers is the first step in starting the customer relationship, in fact Telco industries want to deliver the fastest and most efficient onboarding experience to fidelize clients, increasing revenues. Moreover, they must focus on the experience and satisfaction of their clients (whether from a B2C, B2B or B2G aspect) to acquire them easily, shaping offers based on their individual necessities and providing excellent omni-channel experiences across multiple channels avoiding risks and fraud.

Euronovate Group’s Trust Services improve the efficiency of your telco business by reducing the complexity and cost of protecting your customers’ credentials and access on your digital channels through: Identity Management, Identity Verification and Identity Certification.

So, through Digital Onboarding and Trust Services telco industry gain fundamental advantages such as:

  • Avoiding the risk of subscription fraud which represents a major problem for the telecoms industry. Digital customer onboarding ensures the identity of the subscribers, protecting the business from future fines and penalties.

  • A faster activation of the services due to a more effective customer onboarding process , with savings in financial and time terms.

  • Efficient data capture to guarantee the most adherent service personalization.

  • User's credentials and personal data cannot be stolen and exposed to a cyberattack by using protected platforms.

  • Strengthening cybersecurity through Identity Management and Digital Certificates.

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The electronic signature for the telecommunications industry enhances a faster connection with customers offering information and meeting the needs of others who come to the premises. It also increases the security of identification, reducing the possibility of fraud avoiding queues and waiting times in branches.

By implementing Euronovate Group’s solutions for Electronic Signature in the Telco industry:

  • Compliance is guaranteed and signatures are legally recognized by the current regulations.

  • Contracts, signing up and renewals are accelerated with customers.

  • Remote signature eases that all documents can be approved using digital signatures regardless of their geographical dispersion, reducing the waiting time and improving the satisfaction with full legal validity.

  • The biometric signature provides maximum security and control over signed documents through the collection of unique biometric data from each individual to securely associate them with the content of an electronic document.

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