• Functional and portable, this tablet for education is perfect in size with a restrained weight. A 10-inches display that guarantees the user ideal writing and legibility.
  • The architecture of this tablet for education is based in ENSign 11. This ideal solution for the digitalization of business processes which require electronic signature of documents, created by Euronovate.

Maroggia (Switzerland) November 2020 - No doubt laptops had been main characters of online education during the months of the pandemic. And it seems that they will continue to be so (with permission of tablet for education). However, many laptops that are designed for work are not really designed for efficient distance learning. Or at least for using properly distance learning tools and applications. And we are not just talking about educating the youngest members of the household, but also the adults.

Laptops are great, but tablets for education are more suitable tools for many education issues. They are much lighter, so right away becomes portable. Even ones with larger screens can still be easier to manage, especially for a younger child. Most tablets for education have touchscreens to navigate from app to app and it’s easy to use additional accessories. Like keyboards and stylus pens. Budget is another relevant issue, tablets for education are by far more competitive in price than laptops.

A plug and play tablet designed for distance education

EuronovateInnovative Swiss company that operates in the field of digitalization and paperless technology– launches ENSIGN 11 Edu. A plug and play tablet for education, to teach, learn and share live educational content in real-time. An essential tool for teachers and students remote learning needs and an advantageous classroom aid that puts the power of sharing at your fingertips.

ENSIGN 11 Edu has been designed and developed to offer an extremely compact device with great stability. Thus it's 10” display screen makes it ideal for writing while providing excellent legibility. With direct connection to a PC or Laptop ENSIGN 11 Edu will show content. This tablet for education can work as a second screen on which to write, draw and display live content with other users.

This second screen function will allow Students to view from their PC the contents created by professors on the virtual board just by activating the "Screen Sharing" option. This is present in the Videoconference tools already used. Besides ENSIGN 11 Edu is a tool for sharing distinguished by an elegant, user friendly design.

Adaptable and compatible with Windows 10

ENSIGN 11 Edu tablet for education is fully adaptable and compatible with Windows 10 systems. Furnished with a digital pen, it’s possible to create, write, draw. And display customizable multimedia contents (tutorials, video clips, slide shows, web pages, online lessons) in real-time. That will be automatically shared through videoconference. Not to mention tablet for education ENSIGN 11 Edu is compatible with all video conference applications that allow you to share a screen or an application.

The tablet for education ENSIGN 11 Edu set-up in HID mode allows you to use the board as a real worksheet or workbench. With the ENSIGN 11 Edu, you will be able to get the most from your favourite digital canvas software. Whether that’s Microsoft Whiteboard, Miro Whiteboard, or many others.

To activate the e-pen functionalities by connecting the tablet to the computer USB port and install the required ENSign 11 edu trayApp. You will have access to all the pen and touch functions. The screen is able to detect pressure and movements through advanced biometrics (biometric features available with additional software).

Based on ENSIGN 11

In 2018, EURONOVATE introduced the first device in the world combining two innovative concepts. The highest level of security for biometric signature and a new channel for customer interaction.

Further on ENSIGN 11, is the ideal solution for the digitalization of business processes. Wich require electronic signature of documents (bank contracts, insurance policies, receipts, etc.), with the same legal validity of the signature on paper.

The use of ENSIGN11, widely common in financial institutions, insurance companies, telcos and health care. Therefore, companies drastically reduce risks of compliance and costs of the paperwork management.

ENSIGN11 allows signing on the screen by a very close experience to the paper. And detects 2048 pressure levels (one of the highest of this field) which assures an optimal quality and accuracy of the gathered data.

About Euronovate Group

Founded in 2012, Euronovate Group is one of the European leaders in digital transformation, digital transaction management and digital identification. The company has its headquarters in Maroggia (Switzerland) and subsidiaries in Spain (Vintegris) Italy and Romania. Among its clients are more than 120 large corporations in the financial, health care and distribution sectors.

The company has 140 employees, and 10 offices distributed in Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Hong Kong and the USA. Five of them are commercial offices. Since its foundation it has registered 18 patents and invests 20% of its income in R&D.

In June 2019, Euronovate Group acquired Vintegris, which has been accredited as a provider since 2016, and has this status as a qualified provider of trusted electronic services, under the Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS).

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