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While shopping, customers expect fast and accessible transactions to avoid waiting in lines, so retailers have to streamline the payments and checkout processes in order to meet this necessity.

Also, interacting with them in a proper way can determine the consolidation of the business and sales conversions.


1 Approving Digital Transactions
and Operations in the Shop
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In the retail industry, paperwork is required daily for a large number of activities such as cashier operations, orders and clients management and for the organization of the products delivered by suppliers.

By implementing Euronovate Group’s solutions for Digital Signature in the shop, the industry not only streamlines all the workflows but will:

  • Avoid waiting lines improving client’s experience.

  • Save financial sources, eliminating costs for printing and scanning.

  • Push environmental sustainability through paperless operations.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity levels through the acceleration of processes for each client.

  • Storage securely all the electronic signature, also useful for streamlining back-office processes and automated email.



Customer Verification

Retail Digital Transactions
2 A Trusted and Secured Clients Identification
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With digital onboarding, the retail industry brings the user experience to the next level. The consumer has new preferences, for this reason meeting an unsatisfactory interaction can determine the business’ consolidation. Moreover, they are demanding better omni-channel experiences, personalization, and more control over their data.

Retailers through digital transformation must ensure a comprehensive digital identity strategy to strengthen faster customer acquisition, deliver excellent omni-channel experiences across multiple channels and brands and mitigate growing risks and fraud.

Identity solutions can improve the efficiency of your retail business by reducing the complexity and cost of protecting your customers’ and employees credentials and access on your digital channels. Euronovate Group’s Solutions for Digital onboarding helps your business through:

  • The increase of your business conversions.

  • Improving your customer retention and taking advantage of all the information related to the process to adapt your strategy in real time.

  • Assuring trusted processes through security on every process during the management of each information,strengthening the cybersecurity through Identity Management and Digital Certificates.



Customer Verification

Clients Verification


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