Article published in Channeltech, on 17/02/2022

We interview Andrea Pirone, Chief Revenue Officer of Euronovate Group, who talks to us about Trust Solutions, electronic signatures and digital certificates.

What does the concept of Trust Solutions mean to you?

Trust Solutions are responsible for ensuring the integrity of electronic identification for signatories and services, through authentication mechanisms, electronic signatures and digital certificates. In this scenario, Euronovate Group develops enabling technologies.

How do you guarantee security aspects for users?

Under the aegis of European Union's eIDAS regulation, we have developed intellectual properties that allow maximum scalability and customization. Our customers define the Customer Experience (CX) they want to offer their users, Euronovate Group takes care of making it concrete by proposing a range of solutions: from graphometrics, thanks to the double touch terminal, to remote signature, with OTP, to digital certificates .

Who is your typical clientele?

In few years after our foundation, in 2012, we became a point of reference for the Italian banking industry; today we boast a significant presence in the financial sector also on the international scene. Every day over 1M people use Euronovate Group technologies to sign or authenticate themselves, sometimes in the most important moment of their financial life: buying a house, taking out a mortgage, etc.

Large company experience that we subsequently made available also in other sectors, such as: Healthcare, Public Administration, Telecommunications and Large-scale distribution.  

2022 will be the year in which we will also make the skills gained over the years available to small and medium-sized companies, with a series of new products, including W.SIGN, EN.ID, authentication via SPID.

Can you tell me about your products or solutions and the latest news on offer?

Among the markets in which Euronovate Group operates, there is also the healthcare sector, streamlining the documentation management processes for patients and healthcare personnel.

Indeed, in the last year it has been the digitization's main character for the anti-Covid vaccination campaign at the ASL Avellino thanks to the graphometric signature solutions implemented in the vaccination hubs and at the mobile stations. Furthermore, ANDI, the National Association of Italian Dentists, has requested to completely dematerialize patient documentation - privacy, clinical tests, medical history, etc - and archive it on the cloud in compliance with Italian and European legislation, implementing a complete dematerialization suite, with Ensign 11 at the dentist's site, and the ability to use the OTP functionality to sign documents.

What is your channel strategy?

No sector, or company is today excluded from the digital transformation; where Trust Solutions are the central element. Euronovate offers System Integrators, Resellers and Consulting Firms the opportunity to approach Trust Solutions with a channel program that rewards the skills gained on Euronovate technologies. Thanks to the Euronovate Academy it is possible to develop specific technological skills, and having obtained the relative certifications, boast better conditions for the purchase of solutions.


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