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Financial institutions seek to deliver customers the best services in terms of trust and security for all daily processes while offering comfort to clients in executing operations such as Account Registration, Credit Agreement, Mortgages, Loans, etc.

The primary aim is to provide clients with a complete and innovative set of services that future-proof financial activities, improving and prolonging the relationship with customers and provide easy to manage processes for staff and management.

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Euronovate Group's Solutions for:

1 Client's Verification
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Electronic signatures are a key technology for financial services, to streamline procedures improving their overall offer. With Euronovate Group’s Solutions for Electronic Signature the financial industry will benefit from:

  • Diminishing the possibility of human error in collecting client’s data.

  • Automated filling of client’s paperwork.

  • Digital and secure archiving of the client's information.

  • A high technical and legal security.

  • An experience which is very similar to the traditional one on paper improving product sales times and office efficiency (In branch signatures).

  • A complete infrastructure for digital certificates (issuing and management) and qualified digital signatures through cloud-based services (remote signature).

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2 Signing Digitally
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Clients’ verification and onboarding represent key activities for financial service providers to prevent money laundering, frauds and thefts. A strong and efficient digital identification system improves security’s perception for clients, enhancing their overall experience. Euronovate Group’s set of services helps smoothing and improving the whole digital identity management workflow, generating many advantages:

  • Streamlining and smoothing all the administrative processes to start working with a client.

  • Speeding up the ID Document validation saving time and sources for the staff administration.

  • Avoiding identification problems with automated processes bringing operational efficiency.

  • Clients are not required to go physically to the office to present all the necessary documentation.

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