Digitizing Citizen's Services
Public Administrations

Public Administrations

A Digital Documentation’s Management to Streamline the Relation with Citizens

The relationship between citizens and public institutions is often long and complicated, due to the never ending paperwork processes and the always crowded public services branches and offices.

Digital transformation in Public Administration streamlines all these procedures and workflows, helping update administration procedures, improving economic perspectives and promoting transparency and accountability with the citizens.

The result is the conversion towards an e-government that guarantees easy access and efficiency, approaching citizens and public institutions.

Public Administrations

1 Verifying securely citizens identity
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Citizens are seeking for a fast and efficient service system to finalize all their operations in the easiest way possible. In this regard, digital onboarding is the solution not only to increase transaction speeds, but also to enhance the citizen experience.

By implementing Euronovate Group’s Solution for digital identity verification PA will obtain several benefits:

  • Providing citizens and administration staff with a substantial reduction in time spent on accreditation and verification of citizens' identity to access public services.

  • Saving sources in terms of money.

  • Avoiding human mistakes in identity verification.

  • Biometric and real time liveness verification technology to avoid identity theft.

  • Strengthening the security of public institutions through Identity Management and Digital Certificates.

  • Any public institution can identify its users and electronic devices through those legally recognized.

  • The Identity Verification avoids fraud, the creation of false identities or identity theft, improving citizens’ sense of security and trust.

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2 Trusted Solutions for streamlining public service forms and paperwork
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Public Administrations must transmit reliability and trust, while adopting innovative ways to manage documentation and workflow to replace paper-based procedures with digital equivalents. Therefore digital interactions between citizens and public institutions must be simple, agile and secure.

Trusted Services Solutions are essential processes to improve citizen’s experiences, through the Identity Management and Digital Signatures.

In fact, they are the best option to streamline the issuance or fulfillment of different public service documents (bills, driving licence applications, complaints), providing mobility, immediacy and speed with legal compliance.

Trusted Services help Public Administration with:

  • Avoiding errors, improving employees productivity and enriching the user's digital experience.

  • Shortening waiting times for citizens in fulfilling forms.

  • Saving sources in terms of paper, ink and document storage.

  • Compliant with eIDAS regulations.

  • Omni channel approach to the signature process, with specialization of the procedure depending on the type of document to be managed.

  • Remote signatures avoid geographical dispersion, reduces waiting time, and improves citizen satisfaction, allowing them to carry out procedures from homes.

  • Electronic signature is very similar to the traditional experience of signing on paper, with total and absolute legal validity, real-time verification, agility and efficiency.

  • ID Management Solutions for Public Administration ensure access to applications and systems or public networks associating user rights and restrictions with the identification established with the citizen.

  • With the use of digital certificates, it is possible to streamline processes and improve their management, physical displacements for citizens are avoided and time and money savings are generated with full legal force. Any public institution can identify its users and electronic devices through those legally recognized.

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