Legally-Compliant Digital Signature Management Solution

(eIDAS Compliant)


The Solution for all signing needs

nebulaSIGN is a signature workflow management solution that guarantees the security of document signature by its users on the move, to provide the ability for employees, clients or collaborators, to sign and approve documents from any device through digital signatures or Qualified Digital Certificates.


Signature Workflow Management

Signature Workflow Management

nebulaSIGN gives organizations the control of the document signing process. Saving time and streamlining document approval, knowing at any time which document, for whom, when, and how it has being signed.

Through a simple and intuitive SaaS Platform, the configuration and definition of signature processes are managed with security and legal compliance, organizations are able to view the status of existing documents, create new workflows, access and download signed documents at any time, from anywhere, through any device.

Legally compliant Digital Signatures for your Organization

To protect documents signatures and stored data, nebulaSIGN complies with European and United States regulations, offering the highest levels of security when signing documents with legal guarantees ensuring the integrity of the document and its non-repudiation.

nebulaSIGN complies with the following regulations:

  • eIDAS: European regulation that aims to establish a common legal framework on electronic identification and trust services for electronic signatures and transactions for an European single market.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): European Regulation for data protection and customers privacy.
  • eSign & UETA: United States Regulation for the use of electronic records and signatures, both federally and for individual states.


nnebulaSIGN benefits:

  • Simple and quick document approval by single or multiple signatories.
  • Legal Compliance with eIDAS, eSIGN & UETA and GDPR.
  • Easy management. All your documents in one place for secure management and monitoring of signature processes.
  • Flexibility providing signatories with multiple signature options to keep processes flowing.
  • Adaptability for personalization due to the many possibilities offer when creating a workflow.
  • Full command of the documents tracing through comprehensive Audit logs.
  • High Security of your processes through document encryption when stored and while in transferred.
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nebulaCERT Features

Compatibility and Distribution
  • Operational via Internet or Intranet.
  • Compatible with iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • Integrated with OTP or directory authentication.
  • Easy distribution (BYOD based).
  • Revision of the document.
  • Watermark.
  • Notification when the document is being signed.
  • Description when a signature is rejected.
  • Modify attached documents.
  • Co-signatures.
Signature Security and Legally
  • Encrypted document transference.
  • TimeStamp.
  • Signature Audit Log.
  • Access to the platform through multi-factor authentication.
  • eIDAS, UETA and eSign compliant.
nebulaSIGN Signature Options
  • Digital Certificate for the organization.
  • Digital Certificate or Handwritten Signature with biometric control for employees or clients.
  • Option to sign with digital certificates not installed on the device.
  • Signature consent with Password.
  • Multiple signatures by OTP.
  • Bulk Signing.
  • Signing option for external users.
  • Handwritten electronic signatures (digitized signature) integrated into PDF documents.
  • Sign through the user’s digital certificates stored centrally in nebulaCERT platform.
  • Option to sign with third-party certificates orissued from our Certification Authority vinCAsign.
  • Automatic signature in PDF files.

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