Biometric Signature Solution

Verifying Movement



Biometric Signature, unlike other electronic signature methods, is a quick and effective way to identify and authenticate customers and employees, to authorize transactions and sign documents in real-time.

The combination of our proprietary Biometric Signature software ENSOFT or ENSmartSign, together with our Biometric signature Pad ENSIGN 11, provides organizations with a comprehensive Biometric Signature Solution to streamline their signature processes.


Verify your Customers in real-time

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Biometric Engine, Encryption & Certify Storage

Our Biometric Signature Solution detects different parameters such as coordinates, pressure, time, acceleration, and speed through its biometric engine. Furthermore, analyzes the natural hand fluctuations transforming them into a mathematical structure that is assigned to the signatory

It supports additional proprietary services to provide a further security level due to an advanced biometrics audit with forensic analysis and a certified server for encrypted storage.


Euronovate’s Group Biometric Signature Solutions provides organizations with the many benefits:

  • Improves efficiency due to signature workflows for multi-signatories.

  • Allows organizations to implement easy automation in their signature processes.

  • Recognition and verification of the signatory, providing an advanced signature with probatory value.

  • Reduces the risk of lost documents thanks to its secure digital archiving.

  • Minimizes workload.

  • Saves Costs in paper, printing, and physical storage space.

Legal Validity

Authentication, Trustworthiness
& Non-Repudiation

Euronovate Group Biometric Signature Solution checks all the legal security requirements that an Advanced Signature has to follow:

  • Capture of the biometric parameters of the signature.
  • Legitimacy of the document and link with the signatory.
  • Proof of the connection between the biometric parameters with the signed document.
  • Trustworthiness of the signed documents.
  • Confidenciality of the biometric data and information, in compliance with the GDPR regulation.
  • Impossibility of inserting the signature in other documents.
  • Provide the validity and unequivocal link of the signature in a litigation process.
  • Grant the legal owner access to the biometric signature.

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