In the digitalization era, customers are always seeking the smoothest, quickest and easiest process for their day-to-day activities.

On the other hand, the conversion into a digitalized world enlightened the necessity for companies and institutions to develop strategies and programs to answer these growing necessities, offering products and services aligned to new challenges.

One of them is, without any doubt, the need of being digitally recognized and identified in the digital environment with our own identity in order to carry out daily operations such as pay online, access our documentation or monitor our bank account remotely.

For this reason, systems, tools and technologies were developed to guarantee easy access to digital identity, without incurring personal data thefts or lack of security.

One of the most used works with biometric authentication, which is based on the physical features of a subject to verify if someone claims to be.

The importance of a unified European System for Digital Identity

Today, few European citizens are able to use their national eID outside their home country, and a very small amount of key public service providers across all Member States allow international authentication with a Digital Identity system,

For this reason, last June, European commissioners started to structure a plan which interested the constitution of a communitarian Digital Identity Wallet, available for all European citizens and businesses who will request it. 

What is the Digital Identity Wallet?

The Digital Identity Wallet is an app that will allow European Citizens to digitally identify themselves, store and manage identity data and official documents in electronic format.

Which are its applications and uses?

With it, users will access private documentation such as driving licence, medical prescriptions or education qualifications without the need of using private identification methods or unnecessarily sharing personal data,  having full control of the data they share.

Moreover, citizens will be able to prove their identity when necessary to access online services, share and sign digital documents, or simply prove a specific personal attribute, such as age, without revealing their identity or other personal details.

This system will work as an app that EU citizens will install on their electronic devices to archive electronic identification forms and official documents, such as a driver licence, a diploma or a bank account. Moreover, they could use their digital wallet, for instance, to rent a car, paying for the higher tariffs and confirming their identity remotely via the app.

Following the approach of guaranteeing electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions represented by eIDAS "The European digital identity will enable us to do in any member state as we do at home without any extra cost and fewer hurdles," EU commissioner for tech policy Margrethe Vestager said, saying it can be done "in a way that is secure and transparent."

Why does it represent the first important step towards Digital Identity standardization across the European Union?

The Digital Identity Wallet will be built based on the trusted digital identities provided by each Member State, creating a common framework for a safe, free and convenient use of personal data.

Who can issue it?

The bodies that can issue the Digital Identity Wallets are the Member States or institutions under their mandate.

When will it come into force?

This project is at its first steps, and so far, only 19 of 27 state members were enthusiastic about this proposal. However, it would represent real and necessary coordination and unification across the European territory in terms of digital Identity and online payments.

Negotiations among the EU-27 will be completed by September 2022, implementing pilot projects as soon as the technical framework will be settled. 

This institution's will to regulate the digital identity environment is proof that today, we are living in a world that can’t be considered without digitalization of processes since they are present in our everyday lives at any level of complexity.

For this reason, it’s essential for companies to promote and offer strategies that take into account this new framework.

Euronovate Group offers all the tools, strategies and services for companies to evolve into a digitalized and innovative business, ready for all the challenges ahead.


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