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In the digitalization era, customers are always seeking the smoothest, quickest and easiest process for their day-to-day activities. On the other hand, the conversion into a digitalized world enlightened the necessity for companies and institutions to develop strategies and programs to answer these growing necessities, offering products and services aligned to new challenges.
To give a definition of Digital Finance, according to the European Commission, this term refers to “The impact of new technologies on the financial services industry. It includes a variety of products, applications, processes and business models that have transformed the traditional way of providing banking and financial services.”
Biometrics represents one of the most updated technologies used in the authentication processes. When we think about it, we consider this innovation as a trend of recent years, but we must remember that, actually, it was a method also used in the past.
The term “cloud” derives from cloud computing, in other words it refers to the delivery of services via the Internet, including tools and applications to promote innovation, resources flexibility, processes automation and increase of economies of scale.

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