Portable and Multifuncional OCR Scanner for business digitization.
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OCR Technology in a compact size

ENScan is a high-speed portable scanner with a powerful software function for image processing, OCR and document management. Its foldable design, ultra-lightweight and compact size make ENScan a must-have for every office.

ENScan provides a quick and easy way to scan every type of document, being well-suited for professional and personal use.


Portable Scan

Portable ENScan

ENScan stands out for its elegant and innovative foldable design easy to carry any where. From a height of just 21 cm it is capable of scanning 3D physical objects, documents, data, bills, certificates, books, and so on.

The Scanner is fully adjustable through a hardened metal slide bar, making for smooth up and down operations.


High-definition scanning in 1 second

The 5.0 megapixel HD camera, one of the highest in its category. Guaranteeing in a 1-second high-speed scan a clear image from a short fixed focus time. Its 1W LED supplement light provides, through a 360-degree wide-angle lens, the best image quality in low light environments.

ENScan allows to set up shooting intervals to automatically scan multiple pages, for an efficient and time-saving digitization process.

Detecting all types of information and standards

Detecting all types of information and standards

ENScan possesses an advanced OCR technology that enables the detection of more than 180 languages, tables, forms, bars, C++ Java and recognizes other special symbols and characters, reaching a 98% recognition rate. It also detects automatically and rapidly multi-standard QR and barcodes.

The Scanned files can be directly saved as Word/ Excel / TXT or converted into PDF files or sent to various office devices such as printers, fax or webmail, creating an all-in-one and integrated office.

Editing Images and recording demo video

Editing Images and recording demo video

ENScan has functional image editing features such as image cutting, rotation, character adding, adjust saturation, contrast ratio and binarization, which improve the overall quality of the scanned document.

It records any operation or demo’s progress, for real-time display applied in lab operation steps, product training and other demonstrations.


ENScan stands out for:

  • Built-in LED, with adjustable brightness for low level light image capturing.

  • Adjustable height with a foldable structure adaptable to the user needs.

  • Wide file conversion and export options: Scanned documents can be directly exported to Word, Excel, txt or converted to PDF files.

  • Direct connection to office devices: Printer, fax, webmail.

  • Time-saving due to easy bulk scanning with automated intervals.

  • Efficient digitization of documents for paperless environments.

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ENScan role in Biometric Signature processes

The combination of ENScan with our proprietary software for the biometric signature ENSOFT2, allows for the scanned documents to be signed directly creating an Advance Biometric signature. The digitalize document can be storage in a digital archive.

This workflow provides business to speed up their signature process, saving storage space and reducing cost.


General Specifications

Dimensions: 21 cm Hight
Weight: 600 gr
Power supply: USB bus powered
Supplement light: Natural + LED Supplement light
Communication interface: USB 2.0
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10
Certificate: CE / RoHs / FCC

Image Specifications

Resolution: 2592 x 1944 dpi
Capture Size: A4
Capture Speed: 1s
Image Sensor: 5 Mega pixels
Sensor element: HD CMOS, No Driver
Focus: Fixed Focus
Picture Formats: JPG, TIF, PDF, BMP, TGA, PCX. PNG, RAS
Doc Format: PDF, WORD, TXT
Video Format: AVI / WMV
OCR: More than 180 languages
Scanning Media: Bill, Invoice, File, Data, 3D Object and so on

Digitalize your documents. Go paperless!

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