Improving User Experience with an Integrated Biometric Signature


Biometric Signature in Mobility

ENMobile brings mobility to the signature functions, integrating biometric features in iOS and Android devices. It collects the handwritten signature of a signer using biometrical parameters, such as acceleration, speed, and rhythm, also offline.


Sign Digitally and in Mobility with ENMobile

Sign Digitally and in Mobility with ENMobile

ENMobile integrates of all the power of ENSoft, Euronovate Group desktop Biometric Signature software, into companies proprietary mobile applications, having as a result, a collection of handwritten signatures with biometric technology integrated into your own App.

The SDK supports pressure-sensitive pens for the most natural signing experience, and high-quality signature recording based on biometric parameters, such as acceleration, speed, and rhythm.

ENMobile is fully offline compatible, which allows working with documents and form templates without any server connectivity, to ensure your customers have a better user experience, constant availability and quick access.


ENMobile provides companies all the tools needed for offering a complete Biometric Signature from their Apps:

  • Capture Biometric Signature within applications on a wide range of third-party devices operating with iOS or Android.

  • Acurately captures electronic pen imputs within any document.

  • Faster development and time to market.

  • Lower cost due to reduce development times.

  • Reduce risk built in proven technology with “tried and tested” biometric software.

  • Direct implementation from an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

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Easy Integration

Easy Integration

With ENMobile you can integrate several functionalities into your own app such as:

  • Adaptation of the default colour scheme of the app to the corporate design.

  • Easy implementation in the client customer mobile application Android or iOS.

  • Smooth and agile integration into the document workflow on the server-side and via API on the client-side.

  • Combination with server-side solution using SoftServer on the server-side and via API on the client-side.

  • Documents are storage on the server-side or locally on the mobile device in secure folders.

  • Possibility to add the digital signage module to manage the media content shown on the mobile device during inactive time.

  • Secure logging of the processes for issue solving.

Main Features

Main Features

Among ENMobile main features we found:

  • Modular: set of modules grouped by functionality that can be maintained separately. Non-monolithic SDK library.

  • Scalable: Customers can buy and use only required modules, each module can be separately licensed.

  • External independency: no usage of third-party libraries for viewer and PDF manipulation.

  • Easy for Signers: Ensure the most seamless, white-labelled, mobile signing experience to promote high adoption and completion rates.

  • Seamless integration: Easily downloadable and ready to for use in application development with access to modules by name and version directly from Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

  • Latest development language: Written in Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

  • Security: Use of native libraries to protect against reverse engineering and all modules are secured by ENAuth.

Integrate a Biometric Signature in your App

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