Mobile Paperless Solution for Digital Storage of Informed Consent and Health Documents


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ENMedicalSign is an easy, effective and complete signature solution to digitize documents, allowing the census of patients and the digitalization of numerous health documents. It simplifies signature processes of personal informed consents, gives the possibility to take pictures of the patient and to include digitalized documents in medical dossier.

The solution includes an Android tablet implemented with a graphometric signature software specifically developed for the medical industry.

ENMedicalSign also provides a legally compliant conservation service operated by a Certification Authority.


1 App… 3 Processes

1 App… 3 Processes

ENMedicalSign, with a simple paperless process, streamlines patient registration, identity verification, medical records signing process and safe storage of medical documents in digital archive.

  • 1 Customer Identification

    The App captures the patient’s ID documents (ID card, Passport, etc.) and automatically fills the registration form with the patient details through OCR Technology.

  • 2 Signing Medical Documents

    Medical Documents, such as patient informed consent, are easily signed with Advance Biometric Signatures, providing legal compliance to the signing process based on the patient’s biometrical parameters detected from the signature on the tablet.

  • 3 Digital Storage for the medical documentation

    Possibility to save, keep and archive the documentation signed by the patient on a certified cloud saving printing cost and storage space.

Optimizing Patient Records Management

Optimizing Patient Records Management

ENMedical Sign gives doctors the possibility to take pictures of patients details, adding digitized documents in medical dossier, through the following workflow:

  • Patient’s census and authentication through a valid ID document.
  • OCR technology adoption to automatically fulfill personal information.
  • Patient’s photos collection.
  • Sign for consent to the processing of personal and/or sensitive data through an Advanced Biometric Signature.
  • Sign digitally your documents including the informed consent directly on the tablet saving storage space.
  • Provides a paperless environmental friendly work ecosystem


ENMedical Sign is a technological solution for the healthcare sector which guarantees a perfect alignment between operative needs and coherence with respect to regulations.

  • Streamline operational processes.

  • Legally compliant with health industry regulations.

  • Time-saving with reduction of FTE.

  • Dramatically decrease delays avoiding patient queues

  • Increase the optimization of documentation and report searches.

  • Sustainable “paperless” solution that decreases environmental impact.

  • Cost-effective reduction of paper, printing, physical storage and postal mailing.

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