Tirana, 20th May 2022

On the 20th of May, a delegation from Euronovate Group composed of our CEO Fabio Di Pietro, CRO Andrea Pirone, Head of International Sales - Gabriele Memeti, Head of Software Andrea Conte, Head of PMO Simone Chiappino, flew to Tirana to participate in a Fintech event organized in partnership with Mellon. Thanks to this gathering, banking associations had the opportunity of learning and understanding the updated Albanian and Kosovo regulations regarding e-Signature and e-KYC, and discovering the latest solutions for the Fintech industry. 

KYC & e-Signature

The workshop, impulsed by the contribution of the Albanian Banking Association, Kosovo Banking Association, the General Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering (GDPML), and Financial Intelligence Unit Albania (FIU Albania) showed great participation among more than 100 experts. 

The event was the perfect scenario for Euronovate’s team to present the company’s full immersive technologies and processes that are carried out to optimize the 

Omnichannel PhyGital Customer Experience within the Fintech industry.

These systems reach any #Customer need, covering in-branch operations through e-Signature and Data Collection, or out of branch with Remote Signature and eKYC.

Euronovate Group Omnichannel Ecosystem refers both to e-Signature and e-KYC processes, considering the legal framework and guidelines in which they are dropped in. Euronovate Group’s product and service portfolio cover multiple applications in the banking environment such as teller transactions, business corners & consultants, new account opening, or access to banking products. 

Moreover, Euronovate Group performed several Live Demos of its signature solutions. 

  • wSign, the new e-Signature platform, 
  • ENSOFT 2 the Comprehensive Software for Biometric Signature
  • ENID, the Identity verification platform for e-KYC 
  • ENSIGN 11 the signature pad for Digital Signature 

The demos, held by Andrea Conte, offered the attendees the opportunity to experience the functionalities and potential of the Solutions,  and a better understanding of the benefits that the digitalization of processes brings to the Fintech industry. 

Euronovate Group Live Demos met participants’ expectations, who found the solutions really interesting and suitable to match their needs. 

Gabriele Memeti: “This event has been a great occasion to meet many of the most relevant Balkan banking institutions, to start creating new alliances and synergies in this area, being a reference point for all the actors involved. 

We are looking forward to organizing and participating in these important events, being really proud to have such a qualified partner as Mellon.

We hope that this event will be a reference point for all Banking experts of the region, being the first of many annual events promoted by Mellon and Euronovate”.

KYC & e-Signature


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