Interview published in IctBusiness, on 01/02/2022

Born about ten years ago to address the banking market, today the Swiss company opens a new phase of expansion. We talk about it with the CEO, Fabio Di Pietro.

Identity management and access control for business applications keeps on being one of the biggest challenges that IT is facing during these days. It has been happening already in the past, but the pandemic and the consolidation of remote or hybrid work have emphasized the theme.

In the financial world, the first and fundamental method for digital security for both companies and users is represented by the graphometric signature and Euronovate Group's attention, a specialized reality created in Switzerland by Alberto Guidotti, has been focused on this front since its origins

The company developed its business essentially on the banking market, gradually expanding also abroad and arriving, in 2019, to acquire the Spanish Vintegris, specialized in information security solutions, and above all an eIDAS certified provider for highly reliable electronic services.

In this phase, Euronovate has started an expansion process, which passes through a diversification towards other markets and the appointment of a new CEO, Fabio Di Pietro: "2021 represented a new chapter's opening, also with the inauguration of new offices and an expansion of the workforce to 150 employees, 60% with a strong technological soul”.

The group's product portfolio includes a combination of proprietary software, digital onboarding hardware, electronic signatures, trusted services and a set of customized solutions focused on specific requirements to meet the needs of different markets with an all-in-one proposition : “We were born with tablets for graphometric signatures, but we immediately tried to differentiate ourselves from those who produce hardware, even on a much larger scale, but are not specialized, but also from those who work vertically, but are not able to provide an end-to-end solution,” explains Di Pietro. “Over the next 12-18 months, our goal is to expand towards all the realities that need to push on dematerialization or that are also directing core management or ERP applications towards digital transformation”.

Euronovate Group can count on the protection offered by Topaz Systems, an American multinational company that controls it, but at the same time operates in the same market, with an offer of graphometric signature tablets: "We know that outside the financial market the value of the medium deal is lower, but there are more companies to turn to”, explains DI Pietro. "Instead of focusing on tailor-made solutions, we have equipped ourselves to offer scalable offers and have activated partnerships with strong players, for example in Italy with Idm-Integra Document Management, Cabel or Capgemini".

There is not only the private world in the crosshairs of Swiss society. In Italy the focus will be on the Public Administration, starting with the regions, especially to support the electronic invoicing processes. Among interesting areas, Di Pietro indicates blockchain technology, which he foresees may make room for the sharing of fixed-term contracts and procurement. A recent example concerns the support for the digitization of the vaccination process in the Avellino Local Health Authority, which took place through the electronic signature provision form on the documents necessary for administration, i.e. the consent for privacy and the medical history form. The solution has also been implemented for home vaccinations in subjects unable to go to the hubs, using Windows tablets on which it is possible to fill in and sign the documents in PDF format downloaded from the regional portal.


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