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Euronovate Group enables business transformation through its digital solutions


Euronovate group is an international multi-company group composed of four enterprises: Euronovate, Vintegris, Tap ID and eSignWorld, empowered and managed by more than 150 employees, engineers, technicians, developers, digital experts specialized in designing, developing and providing the right digital solutions to enable Business Digital Transformation. 

EN Group boasts of an International presence not only for its major headquarters located in the European territories of  Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Romania but also for the established partnerships built at an international level.

Even if each company of EN Group is specialised and focused on providing specific digital solutions, the common objective rests the same. To support businesses in their digital transformation process, by providing them with the right digital tools to make it real, effective, worthwhile and advantageous. 


Our digital solutions are principally designed for a B2B audience; in particular, we are focused on supporting, advising and providing solutions to the following industries, among others:


The digital nature of our services and products is fundamental in today’s circumstances. Becoming digital is not just for business innovation thought technology, it is for adapting the company to the latest society priorities, meet the customer needs and provide digital services remotely: everywhere, anytime, on any device. 

Companies digital presences should be fully available, accessible and achievable, should guarantee full customers’ data protection by authenticating users through digital identity access, and finally, they should be legally compliant.


EN Group sustains companies to achieve the following goals:


To provide an overall picture, the following paragraphs briefly describe the company by main company benchmark, digital solutions, related features and advantages of which you can benefit from.



Euronovate has the main headquarters located in Maroggia in Switzerland, and the second affiliate in Bucharest in Romania. Leader in the execution of Digital Transformation Management solutions countersigned by an end-to-end approach. Provider of hardware, software, services and consulting to support step-by-step companies in their transition process, and to enable them in delivering better products, services to own final customers in digital spaces. 

For Euronovate, Digital Transformation process means dealing with: Digital Identity process and management, workflow management, digital hub, document composition, digital multichannel delivery, digital signature software and tablets, digital archiving, interactive and digital marketing. All these elements, if combined strategically and digitally, are able to bring companies an added value both for adopting cutting-edge technology and for improving business development. 


Euronovate solutions can be divided into 4 major categories:




Other Solutions


Víntegris, is the Spanish company located in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao. A certified trust service provider in compliance with eIDAS regulation on electronic signature and seals, as well as, manufacturer of innovative systems and applications for digital certificate management. It provides cloud computing solutions for digital signature, robust authentication to reinforce cybersecurity and tackle any cyberattacks ineluctable in a digital landscape.

The top product of Vintegris is nebula SUITE, the all-in-one digital identity solution which provides organisations with the full infrastructure for digital certificates and qualified digital signatures through cloud-based services. 


A responsive solution fully adaptable to desktop and mobile devices which supplies the following services just in a one unique place:


nebulaSUITE has been conceived to support companies in being efficient, in enhancing Internet of Everything (IoE), in being flexible, convenient and compliant. The all-in-one solution allows your company to:



tapID is an Euronote startup based in Maroggia in Switzerland, a customer onboarding digital platform powered by Biometrics. It’s a one-product company which provides digital solutions for digital Identity management and self onboarding procedures in real-time, it enables end-users to collect, verify and have access to their ID safely, quickly and securely as a grantor of your ID. 

TapID is distinguished for being:


tapID employ biometric technology to verify digital identity authentication, thanks to the use of fingerprint or facial recognition, voice liveness and all the required components, it is more user-friendly, automatic and safer than traditional methods which require passwords to remember anytime the user has to access, not to mention the waste of time of this procedure and the inevitable Cyber Attack risk with the consequential data stolen attempt.

With its 10-steps onboarding procedure users can have control of their digital identities remotely, deciding which providers can have access, when, where and how. The platform collects all data in a unique virtual place to make management quick and easy.



eSignWorld, located in Italy in Padua and Reggio Emilia, is a full-service software development company of engineers, designers, and developers countersigned of high-level technological know-how which provides business software solutions worldwide.

EN group disposes of a full digital solutions package to enable your company digital transformation. If you want to find out more about the advantages of our services, or if you are explicitly interested in one of our services, please contact us to arrange a demo or to ask for more information. 


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